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Malaysian Entertainment: Classic VS Nowadays

I've quit KYPJ last month. I decided to enroll in Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM) in Kota Bharu instead. Well, maybe it's because of I like the course they offered better than KYPJ's; Diploma in Tourism. It might be more distant than KYPJ to my home, but... Oh well. This is the time to get more experiences, isn't it?

Okay! If you had already read the title, you must have known what I want to write today. MALAYSIAN ENTERTAINMENT: CLASSIC VS NOWADAYS.

If you had read my previous posts, you can guess how much I am into Japanese entertainments and Western/European. Because I'm not really into local entertainments which we called as "Buatan Malaysia (Made in Malaysia)" There are lots of reasons why I'm not interested in them.

However, I really love our classical movies, like around passed P. Ramlee's days. No matter how many times they were being showed on TV, I will never get bored with them. How much our passed P. Ramlee was genius in making movies...

Classic movies... They were full of secret and good messages. I can take a lot from classical movies as advices to let me continue my daily life.

Such as... Let's see...

Labu Labi! Yes, yes... One of my favorites of all time. This movie was really funny and I enjoy it no matter how many times I've been watching it.

Somehow it taught me on how we must stop dreaming once in a while. Dreaming is good, but don't let it ruin yourselves. That's what I thought when I watch this. Other than that, don't let love crushes your friendship. That's what I see, when Labu is willingly to steal his best friend Labi's bride, Manisah just because they were both in love with her since they started work at Hj. Bakhil's house.

Besides, I know that this movie is trying to say how we cannot be greedy, as it put that greed personality into  Labu and Labi's master; Hj. Bakhil. Anybody, whoever that watched this movie, and saw Hj. Bakhil, would say "Oh, we cannot be as greedy as Hj. Bakhil." That fact might sounds a little bit childish, but that's the truth.

Classical songs. I can't say the titles of the songs particularly, because I listened to them randomly on radio. So, I don't know the titles, but listened to them until the end. Because I can't help myself. I have to know what does it tries to convey.

Lots of classical songs give a lot of good messages. That's why there were songs in the movies. Lots of messages can be compacted into one song; directly or indirectly. There was a song which was coincidentally being played on the radio a few months ago. I listened to it, and it was about how our local women wore at the time. It tries to convey that our local women shouldn't do what Western people do, such as pull our eyebrows to trim it, wear tight outfits or wearing wigs.

Even though that song didn't say anything such as "Do something about it" directly, but it did say "What happened?" which means that we should do something about it.

And there were also a lot of other good messages in classical songs. That's why I love them very much.

And look at what happened to nowadays' Malaysian entertainments! They changed, but not all of them are good!

Have you ever watched Kapoww? Yes, yes... The Zizan Razak's one.

Okay, I need to get this Kapoww thing fast. I really hate this movie.

I think Kapoww is a very stupid movie. Um, hello, superheroes? Nowadays? Are you kidding me? Even though I don't watch Kamen Rider, but I think Kamen Rider is better. I'm not "not into" comedies, but if you're trying to make the whole movie into comedies, your movie is over. And the movie shouldn't be stupid comedies. This is not Indonesia, where they enjoy ridiculous comedies (no offense)!

Unless you're making high quality superheroes movies like Spiderman, Batman, etc...

And another thing that I hate about Kapoww is; look at those Astromans! Urghh!!! I don't even want to say that name out loud!

They look stupid. They're just a bunch of super-losers wearing Ultraman costumes! Even Atoi too! This movie was really making me sick! I just... Even though I only watch Ultramans in my childhood days, but still, wearing their costumes??? Isn't that just cosplaying in front of the camera??? Are you stupid??? Lack of idea, I guess...

However, there are also some movies that I really interested into. Umm... Zombi Kampung Pisang, I guess? That and Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Yeah, I like them. Even though they put comedies in the whole movie, but I don't think that they were stupid. They were spontaneously, and I love them. Like my dad says, "Nostalgic and classic".

They were village-themed, and very classic. I think that those kind of movies are geniuses, like I used to call to Mukhsin movie. Very classic, and bringing happiness when they made us think, "Ahh~ The good old days~". Isn't that fascinating?

Nowadays songs... Okay, I'm really done with local songs. 80 percents of Malaysian songs are love, heartbreak-themed, and sad songs. I tell you, I'm not interested in love songs. I'm not the kind of person who's calling a guy as "Sayang (Love)", even though he's my boyfriend. I only call that to my pet cat Toni.

And anyway, nowadays' Malaysian songs are resembled foreign songs. There are certain artists who are making their songs and MV to look like K-Pop's! I mean, stop copying! You are artists, isn't it create is what you do??? And also, there are some singers who modernized the classic songs, and I really hate them. Some people might thought that the modernized songs are good, but in my thought, they were really ruining the songs! (But maybe it's because I really hate hard rock, so that's why)

There are also songs that really gave that low self-esteemed thinking into those who sang it. Huh~ I really hate these kind of songs. I mean, if you're really that sad, can't you make a song which can motivate yourselves? If you're not the one who will motivate yourselves, then who else?

People sing, to entertain themselves whenever they feel bad. When they fell, they will do something. People like me will sing to motivate ourselves. But if the famous songs are low self-esteemed songs, how are we supposed to rise up again? Yeah, prayers. But what we say from our mouths are counted as prayers to, isn't it?

I'm not trying to badmouth my own country. That is not my intention. Actually, I'm very worried about my country's entertainments level. I'm not someone who has a high power in this entertainment world.

I'm not even an actress, a singer or whatever. I'm just an ordinary girl who is a fan of Arashi, and lots of other Japanese singers, who love to sing American/British/Japanese songs and love to watch Japanese dramas everyday online. I'm just a girl who love to write and draw, and learning new skills. That's all.

Well, I'm done. That is all I can do. I just hope that Malaysian entertainments could improve and... Well, what can I say? I actually love my own country.

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