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J-Drama: Piece + Theme Song Lyrics

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Hey guys! Ohisashiburi desu! It's terrific to meet you guys again! At the first place, I didn't know that I would get any readers at all, but guess what, I've got 2214 pageviews by the time I write this! Well, minus 20 pageviews because I've cheated a little bit earlier, but I still got around 2180 pageviews! Well, for an amateur blogger like me, it is an exciting news, you see...

     Okay! I don't want to waste any more time, so I'm going to proceed with what I'm going to write today.

     Today, I want to talk about my favourite J-Drama, Piece! Yayy!~ *Throwing confetti*

     First of all, I wanted to introduce the main casts. The hero and heroin are in the middle of the picture above, the heroin is Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) and the handsome hero is Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma)! 

     Oh! I forgot to warn; if you haven't watch this drama and hate spoilers, PLEASE SKIP THIS AND MOVE ON TO THE SONG LYRICS AT THE END OF THIS POST. Because this time I'm going to conclude everything that I remember about this drama TO THE ENDING OF IT. 

     Okay! Now let's move on!

     This drama is about Suga Mizuho, who is a college student, got a call from an old high school friend, telling her that a classmate of them from the high school had just died by a cancer. They attended the funeral and met almost all of their schoolmates there. Before the ceremony started, a classmate named Narumi Hikaru came and from there, one by one flashbacks came into Suga Mizuho's mind.

     Suga Mizuho and Narumi Hikaru were just classmates, and Suga's seat in class was behind of Narumi's seat. At first, Suga, a serious student, wasn't interested at all towards Narumi, who was the famous playboy student in school. To her, she hardly understand Narumi and has no idea at all what was Narumi thinking.

     But after he kissed Suga and she get to see the side of Narumi that nobody had seen before, they started to date in secret after the school time ends every Friday. I tell you, they were very sweeeettt!~ Suga came to Narumi's house, but they never do anything except hugging and kissing and sleeping. I think that it was the sweetest way of dates! You know, not always the sex relationship is the best way of dates...

     However, their relationship was suddenly over after Suga accidentally saw a video from Narumi's past, and he suddenly say that he doesn't need Suga anymore. And after they met again at school, Narumi treated her like nothing happened, and started to invite other girls besides her to his house.

     Back to the funeral, (which I started to get less interested) Suga suddenly informed by the mother of her dead classmate, Origuchi, that she got pregnant in school days and Suga started to investigate the mystery life of her dead schoolmate. At first, she was just trying to help Origuchi's mother to find out who's the boyfriend, but then she herself started to get interested in it.

     One by one then the truths revealed, including the hardcore secret admire of a pretty classmate, the closeness of a teacher's son with Origuchi, and also that a famous cool senior was actually a secret admirer of Origuchi.

     Meanwhile, Suga was also started to visit Narumi's house again. They spent every date like it was used to be. Suga came to Narumi's house to clean it, and they would spend the whole day with laughters and Narumi slept beside her.

     However, Narumi started to suddenly being missing, and Suga doesn't understand why. Together with some friends and her senior, they also uncovered the truth behind Narumi's playful life. They get to know Narumi's dark past, the existence of his parted elder brother, and how they were being treated as an experiment by their mother, who is a professor, since they were small.

     They also uncovered the facts that Narumi's elder brother, Narumi Hiro, was the one who had almost killed a bully, and also the one who had dated Origuchi. And with that, they solved the question that started their investigation; that Origuchi was actually not pregnant. Instead, she was actually helping a classmate who was pregnant, and that classmate was also a close friend of Suga. Narumi Hikaru came and he passed Origuchi's last letter to his brother.

     That means that Narumi Hikaru was actually the last person who met Origuchi before she died, and he wanted to fulfil her last wish. He also wanted his brother to move on.

     The end of the investigation! Hahaha.... Why am I laughing...

     At the end of the drama, Narumi's elder brother parted ways with them, and left. Yanai-senpai, their senior shook hands with Suga (which I can't remember why) and told her to talk to Narumi. Suga told Narumi that she still loves him and said that she would wait for him. She hugged him and they parted ways.

     Now, that's a lot of pictures. It's my first time to put that much of pictures. Hahaha... ;P Whatever. It's easier, anyway.

     I'm actually not a fan of love dramas, but this drama really makes me quite a girly. Narumi and Suga were so cute! This drama also made me started to be a fan of Honda Tsubasa-san who played Suga Mizuho, and made me fell in love for Nakayama Yuma, the one who played both Narumi Hikaru and Narumi Hiro.

     But it made me feel frustrated that they actually parted ways at the end, and I can't help myself from writing the continuous story of it, but I mixed it with Great Teacher Onizuka 2012 (where Honda Tsubasa played the role Kanzaki Urumi, the genius student of class 2-A). *sigh* I just can't help what I am...

     But sorry, I WON'T SHOW IT TO ANYBODY.

     Okay! Now I wanted to write the lyrics of the drama's theme songs, Missing Piece and Mizu no Kaeru Basho, both sang by Nakayama Yuma.

     At first, I liked Missing Piece, the opening song of this drama, because it was cool. But now I liked the insert song, Mizu no Kaeru Basho better because it was emotional. (I hardly like any emotional songs, so consider that this song is actually pretty lucky because I like it) It has an interesting melody and fast emotional tempo. And so, I will also put this song's translation. Because I like it. Okay. Let's start this already!

MISSING PIECE (Opening Song)
By: Nakayama Yuma

You're my missing piece?

Suki datte omoeta shunkan ni obieta
Love me, love me not, love me, love me not
Itsuwatte irareta kantan ni jibun mo
Love me, love me not, love me, love me not

Egao no mama kimi no namida ga
Ochiru made wa

Daremo ga ibitsu na piisu sa
Muriyari tsunagatte kowashite kizutsuite
Ima kokoro wa kawaki tsudzuketeru
Tadashii kotae nado iranai
Kimi ga ireba

Kanjou wa itsumo reisei no shihaika
Truth or lie, truth or lie
Kattou wa mujun wo mitomenai osana sa
Truth and lie, truth and lie

Kawaru koto wo osoreru boku wo
Kimi ga kaeta

Bokura wa yoku nita piisu sa
Hitori ja nani hitotsu mienai shimesenai
Kedo hodou ni machi no hi ga kaku
Hajimete tsunagaru kasukana
Futatsu no kage

You're my missing piece

Mada daremo ga ibitsu na piisu sa
Muriyari tsunagatte kowashite kizutsuite
Ima kokoro ga kawaki kiru mae ni
Daijina mono dake kono te de
Dakishimeru yo
Kimi no koto wo

By: Nakayama Yuma

Iro wa sunawachi kore, sora to natte kie yuku
Hito no itonami subete misukasu you ni

Fuan wa hito no kokoro tamesu tame no kousaten
Naze ni sono hougaku wo machigau no desho

Yukidoke mizu no you ni 
hajimaru monogatari
Chiisaku yowai kara 
iro ni somaru no ka na

Kanashimi wo dakishimeta hito wa dare?
Nikushimi to akushu shita hito wa dare?
Ochite yuku jibun ga itoshi sugite
Afuredasu iiwake ni oboreteru

Nee, sono kokoro ni tamatta kuroi mizu wo
Ima hakidashite itami wo tsuchi ni kaesou

Yurari kobune wa nagarete umi wo mezasu kedo
Kidzukeba mizu ga yodomu basho de nemutteta

Karada wa ugokazu
sora miageru dake
Tooki kawa wo yuku
kousha no funetachi

Kurushimi ni nigekonda hito wa dare?
Shitsubou no tobira wo aketa no wa dare?
Negai kanawanu to nakisakebu no wa
Kajou na kitai wo mi ni matou kara

So long... Sayonara wo aishita kuroi mizu ni
Genjtsu ga kowaku tomo kokoro wo kaze de araou

Repeat C/o1 and C/o2

Nee, sono kokoro ni tamatta kuroi mizu wo
Ima hakidashite itami wo tsuchi ni kaesou

Iro wa sunawachi kore sora to natte kie yuku...


The colours suddenly turn into void and disappear
As it seeing through people's lives

Insecurity is the crossroad to test people's hearts
Why ever would their way be wrong?

Like water thawing snow,
the beginning story
Small and weak as it is,
will it stain the colours?

Who is the person who embraced sorrow?
Who is the person who shook hands with hatred?
Their falling selves are too lovely
They are drowning in overflowing excuses

Hey, the black water these hearts have gathered
Now spit it out, and send back the pain to the earth

The swinging boat flows, aiming for the sea
But it's too late, they have been sleeping at the stagnated water

Their bodies cannot move,
and they can only look at the sky
As their boats
go to the distant river

Who is the person who ran away from suffering?
Who opened the door of despair?
They are crying and screaming for unfulfilled wishes
Because they are clad with too much hope

So long... Say goodbye to the beloved black water
Let the wind cleanse the heart, scared of reality

Repeat C/o1 and C/o2

Hey, the black water those hearts have gathered
Now spit it out, and send back the pain to the earth

The colours suddenly turned into void and disappear...

     Okay, guys! That's a wrap for today/tonight. It's 3;30 in the morning now, and I need to sleep. Or else I would get very sleepy in the sunshine... I put an omiage for you guys (the image above). If you haven't watch this drama yet, he was saying "Oyasumi. *chu*" in that animated picture.

     Like Narumi says, oyasumi! Oops, I should say "oyahayou", isn't it? (Oyasumi+Ohayou= Oyahayou) Since it's midnight and almost morning here... Sore jaa, oyahayou, minna! C'ya again later!

*Creepy sounds started to be heard, so I need to get to sleep ASAP.
**The pictures and images above are all credited to the real owners, guys, I'm just sharing them.

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