Friday, 4 April 2014


Starting today I won't apologize for being so long to not updating my blog. So, today's apologize will include the lateness in the future. Sumimasen~!

     Okay! Now let's go to our main topic today. K-POP VS J-POP. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. Now here, my dear fella's, I want to ask you something. Between these K-Celebrity and J-Celebrity, which one will you choose, and why?

Kim Hyun-joong (K-POP)  VS Yamashita Tomohisa (J-POP)

And between these K-Band and J-Band, which one will you choose, and why?

Big Bang (K-POP) VS Arashi (J-POP)

If you want my answer, then here it is; YamaPi and Arashi. I think that the answer is already crystal clear. YamaPi is my big crush and I am a big fan of Arashi. I even personally called Arashi's Matsumoto Jun as "Jun-nii", you know? (Nii is a call for older brother)

But that is my opinion. That is my taste.

However, that is not the main point of my post today. I bet that most K-Fans and J-Fans had met these kind of comparisons so many times before. So do I. Recently, actually. And I bet some of you 'goody-goody' fans are quite annoyed with these kind of comparisons. Me too.

In my opinion, those people who made "K-POP VS J-POP" videos are either K-Fans or J-Fans. If the K-Celebrity comes out first, then they're the K-Fans. And vice versa. I somehow understood the reasons behind the creation of these comparison videos. Either they want to show how much they underestimate J-Celebs (for K-Fans) or they want to see a war between K-Fans and J-Fans. Or they just want to show their  "I don't understand why you like them" kind of feelings.

Can't you see? People got their own kind of taste. There must be a reason of why they admire them so much. Like me, I got my own reasons of why I love YamaPi and Arashi.

I love Arashi. I really do. Very much. But I didn't judge them only by appearance and looks. I judged them by every aspects. Appearance, performance, chemistry, personalities, passion and talents. To be honest, Arashi got so many talents in their group! But I will probably explain them later.

However, I am absolutely not an anti-K-POP. There is also a reason why I chose Kim Hyun-joong and Big Bang in my comparison. You see, there was a year when I was also a K-Fan. In that year, Kim Hyun-joong was my crush (but not as BIG crush as YamaPi). And actually, 2 years ago, I was a fan of Big Bang, and my favorite member was Dae-sung. See? That's why I understood both sides.

That's why, I am quite pissed-off with some of the comments I read on "K-POP VS J-POP" videos on YouTube. 

Dear fella's, everybody got their own tastes and favorites. Please DO NOT say such thing as "K-POP are dirty - plastic surgeries" or "J-POP are uglies". Like, hello, to those who said "J-POP are uglies", most K-Celebs are plastics, okay?! 

See??? As a J-Fan, I am also VERY, SERIOUSLY pissed with that kind of comments. So what was actually your point of giving such comments??? To create a war??? For most of you, probably you would say "So what?" or "Like I care" or something like that, but understand this; what is your feeling when other people saying bad about your favorite celebs? Irritated, right? Annoyed, right? Pissed, right???

Fuhh~ Please excuse me for my rudeness...

So, dear fella's, please keep any bad-thinking about the celebs in your heart. If you're trying to say anything, just think "what if they said the same kind of thing about my idol?" Unless you say it in more proper way such as "IN MY OPINION, I dislikes K-POP because most of them had plastic surgeries" or "K-POP actors are more handsome than J-POP". See? That's not so bad after all, isn't it?

I am actually not that 'goody-goody', but I hate fighting. Especially if it's about something that actually a childish matter. If you don't understand why they admire that certain celebrities, don't hurt them with your badmouth. Instead, why don't you try collecting fun facts about your favorite celebrities and capture their heart? That is actually more fun, isn't it?

Okay! Now I'm already sleepy, and it is 2:44 AM already, I think I'm going to stop now. I actually wanted to finish Matsuda Shota's Meitantei no Okite episode 5, but with sleepy eyes, I don't think I can do it. I have a gift for you, so I'm going to put it down there. With this, good night, everyone! Oyasumi nasai~

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