Saturday, 3 November 2012

Second Boyfriend: Sayonara~

     Hola, mi amigos! Tehek~ Konban wa, minna~ How's the days? Time passed swiftly, huh? I understand... Oh, well!
     I got a new story! Remember about my previous post? Erm, erm... About the 'BOYFRIEND' thingy....? Huh, at last, we broke up! I'm the happiest person in the world! A little bit lonely, but you know, I'm already a loner, so I don't care about that so much~
     How and why did we broke up~? Geez, it's only a childish cause and story! Firstly, I bought a new phone number, so we can contact easier and cheaper. But, it came into different than what I've planned. He called me in about a week ago, and at the same time, I was messaging with an old friend, a boy friend. But, suddenly my ex-boyfriend asked me, "To whom are you messaging with?" I know that he was only guessing, but that question really freakying me up a little. 
     So, with pretending to be calm, I just answered, "With a friend. An old friend." But, you know, suddenly he asked me, "Is your friend a boy or a girl?"
     Again, with calm-pretending, I just answered, "A boy. He was an old friend of mine, and it have been so long that we haven't meet. But he's somebody else's boyfriend. He is my classmate's boyfriend." And of course, it's a truth. I'm not on guilt, so what should I be afraid of? That boy is my classmate's boyfriend, and they still are, so I'm totally NOTHING with him.
     But, instead, do you know what my ex said? He said, "Never mind, just go on continuing messaging with him. Never mind me."
     What?! What's up with that?! "Huh? Why is that?! He is only a friend, so why were you saying that?!"
     "Never mind me. Just go on messaging with your BOYFRIEND until you run out of your credits. I'm not that important."
     Huh?! Are you deaf or what?! I never said that boy is my boyfriend or anything, so why should you be jealous?! And I had already told you that the boy is my classmate's boyfriend! Urgh! I hate this kind of boy~
     "Huh?! Hello, why is that?! He is only a FRIEND, and he is my CLASSMATE'S BOYFRIEND! And anyway, why should you be jealous? You're not my husband~"
     "So what are we now? What is our relationship now?" And then, I kept silent. 'We're only couples! You're only my boyfriend!', that's what I wanted to answer, but my mouth remain silent. Geez, I hate guys like this. He's quite a troublesome! Pretty tiring to handle, seriously~
     And at last, we broke up on that very day! Right after we broke up, immediately I posted about it on Facebook. Hahaha~ Pretty naughty, huh? Ah, I don't care! I posted two posts to embarrassed him up, with the hope that he read it, too. And now, I'm posting it on my blog. 
     Anyway, he is such a liar. Who does he think I am, a part-time lover? He was only saying love words to me, but at last I knew that he never love me. He just love my junior, which is one of his ex-girlfriends! Well, that girl is not really MY junior, but she was my ex-roommate. She was my roommate two years ago, in her first year and my second year. But she's still MY junior's friend~ 
     But what I know, he is still love that junior. My junior told me the same thing, too. She said that our ex is still love her friend, but he always deny it. Poor guy~ He just chose the wrong person and wrong self-building, that's all~ If he choose to not to be a desperate person, he may have found a true love~
     That's all for today!

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