Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm Back~

Assalamualaikum.... Konban wa, minna! Huh~ Long time no see, huh? Sorry for the late updating! Nothing personal, alright? Hahaha~ Joking!
    Okay, I got so many stories to tell today. About my relationships (curious, huh?), my favourites, my life, and bla... bla... bla... So, just shush and read carefully but not emotionally, okay?
    First! MY RELATIONSHIPS. Haha, curious? Okay, I'll tell you. I never told you, but before, I got a boyfriend. Seriously, he was so much boring! Imagine that; he proposed me to be his gal, but he never tries to call me! I had once broke up with him, but one day we got together back. And you know what? He was still the same! But at that time, I was still have my patience. I called him, messaged him (even though at last I always got the replies 'I got no credit'!), remember his birthday... And do you know what do I get at last? He forgot my birthday! Only God knows how sad I am! And of course, I am at last broke up with him, again. Since that, I never contact with him again. And now, I got a new boyfriend.
     MY NEW BOYFRIEND. I won't assure you to be curious about this. Even I am not very enthusiastic about this. One perception about him from me: IRRITATING. God, he's so irritating! On the day he proposed me to be his gal, at first I say 'no'. But then he said things like; "well, you didn't like me, so what can I do... I'm not that good to be your boyfriend..." with a sad tone! I can't just ignore that! I sympathized him! Why ever am I so caring?! Oh my, now I'm stuck. I can't do anything than just stay with him until we really break up. Just one; I really hope that I will never love him. Ever!
     Second! MY FAVOURITES. Haha! I got some new favourite dramas and movies. And actors and actresses too. A few months ago, my friends tried to introduce me to a Japanese drama; Nodame Cantabile. At first I ignored them, until one day I tried to watch one episode via YouTube. Surely enough, it is so enjoyable! Full of excitement! And at last, my friend gave me the drama, specials, and movies. I've finished them, alright! And because of it, I'm getting more in love to classical music and pianos!~ <3
     Besides, because of it, now I'm a fan of Ueno Juri, the actress who acted the character Nodame! She is so beautiful~ For now I've watch some of her dramas; Nodame Cantabile, Last Friends, and now I'm on my way in finishing her latest drama: Gou~ Himetachi no Sengoku (Gou~ The Warring States of The Princesses)!
                                                       Ueno Juri~ <3
These are something about her:

  • Name (Hiragana): うえの じゅり
  • Name (Romaji): Ueno Juri.
  • We can call her by the name; Jurippe.
  • Born on 25th May 1986 (10 years older than me!) at Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan.
  • She is 167cm tall with the blood type A.
  • She is a Gemini (like me!)
  • Her only family is her sister, Ueno Mana, a singer and a song writer.
  • She love music and cooking!
  • Her skills are sprinting, tenor saxophone, and piano.
  • She got a 'Best Newcomer' in Yokohama Film Festival because of Swing Girls!
     Ahh~ Jurippe-san! She is just a genius! Even the director of Last Friends said so~ Plus, she is the first actress that I really love! If you don't trust me about her capability, why don't you go on and try to watch Nodame Cantabile, Last Friends and Gou? Happy watching!

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