Tuesday, 3 July 2012

2012 Birthday~

Hullo! Sorry for being late updating my posts. I've been busy these days. And right now I'm typing from my school's computer lab! Tehehehe~ (Hope u don't mind)
   Okay, now I'm going to tell u about what happened along the days I didn't update my posts.
First of all, i'm going to tell u about my birthday, which was on 5th June. Well, is it fun? I don't know. Nothing so special about it. I was not at home on my birthday and my younger brother's (6th June).
And my dad... Not with us. He was working along that week. And my mom also. Pity, huh? But, u know, we don't mind about it so much. Me and my younger brother were used to it since we were young kids. So, it was not a prob.
   However, after me, my younger brother and our youngest brother got home with our mom, it was a very relieving moment. Do u want to know why? Haha, like normal kids, we were also admiring internet so much! I was thinking to update my blog that time, but u know, I don't have so much time to do it. Plus, we got only one laptop at home, so everybody fight to use it. It's hard to have turn to use the laptop. =_=''
   On Saturday night, our dad got home from Kuala Lumpur. And he got a surprise for me! He called me to go downstairs and said, "Your birthday present is on the dinner table, so come down and get it!" Without a second thinking, swiftly I went downstairs and get my birthday present. Huhu~ Excitedly I brought my present upstairs and into my room, on my bed. But I still didn't open it until a few hours. Oh yeah, I've said "thank you" to my dad and gave him a thank you kiss on his both cheeks.
    After a few hours, I tore the green present wrapper carefully and stared at the present admirely. How shock! I got two series of Harry Potter books! I got The Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hollow. Right now I've finished The Half-Blood Prince and I totally can't wait to finish The Deathly Hollow! Thank you so much, my beloved dad! I love you!
   That's all for now. So, how was your birthday this year?

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