Saturday, 12 May 2012

My School~

Moshi moshi~
Ogenki desu ka?~

I really had a bad emotion yesterday~
My Maths paper is a completely disastrous!
What I'm hoping now is I didn't fail the subject.
I didn't expected to pass it,
But if I passed it, it's more than enough.
Whether I'm going to be kicked out of the school or not,
That wouldn't matter.
I don't care about that school anymore.
I am not interested with the subjects they offered,
which are Pure Science subjects.
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

Whenever my Pure Science teachers teach my class,
My mind was not with me.
I will be thinking about somebody,
Or remembering my favourite movies or stories,
Or getting some brilliant ideas for my novels;
which I only give to my juniors and friends to read.

I like what I did to my novel!
And almost everybody who read it gave compliments.

But still,
If I'm good with literature and languages,
what am I doing in this school?
I'm not suits with my former school, I know.
But really,
If not because of my former school,
I wouldn't have met my now best friend forever,
Nur Ain Miratasha Johari.
And of course,
I won't let her go.
I won't leave her until she told me to do so.

I'm so stubborn, eh?
Well, I don't care.
If we didn't defend what we want,
Then we will never get what we want.

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