Saturday, 28 April 2012


Konban wa, minnasan!
Good evening, everybody!
Selamat petang, semua!
Hehehehe, Hahahaha. (Takde kerja)

Ignore that, I'm just joking, hehe.
Okay, this time I want to talk about something.
....about things that I will talk, which I don't know what.
What a freaky me today!

Okay, my mom got an iPad from my uncle in America.
Well, it is quite a beauty, even though I hate white color.
But it is so modern and impressive!
It got a game called SIMULE Magic Piano,
and I can't stop playing it everyday!
It got so many of my favourite Symphony songs,
such as Aria by J.S. Bach
and Fur Elise by Beethoven.

Enough of that, I want to talk about something else.

Next week I'm going for Mid-Year Test!
I haven't cover up anything yet!
What should I do???

AddMath memeningkan!
Matematik melemahkan!
Fizik men'stress'kan!
Kimia mengantukkan!
Well, biology is just like a basic science to me,
so I'm just fine with that.

But surely,
Why must ICT be the first hard test???
(I took ICT as an elective subject)
Oh my!
It's not that easy to cover up!

Oh well,
Ganbaru yo!
I will try to do the best!
Hopefully I will not fail the subjects.
If not, 
I'm a totally dead meat!

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