Saturday, 26 April 2014

Kamiki Ryunosuke

Weeks ago, my application to further my studies at Kolej Yayasan Pendidikan Johor has been accepted. They offered me Diploma in Hotel Management. And I decided to take it. So, in a few hours I'm going there to register myself as their new student.

Therefore, I decided to write my post today. Because I don't know how more longer the time that I will take to write my next post. I will be a college student, so I think it will take longer than before for my next post.

Recently, I'm really into a young Japanese actor, Kamiki Ryunosuke. I don't know why, but these days he had always been on my mind, made me end up watching every single dramas related to him, saving his pictures from the Internet and watch every single videos of variety shows or anything like that that related to him.

So, before that, how about we take a glimpse of his little profile, shall we?



  • Name Kamiki Ryunosuke
  • Japanese: 神木隆之介 (かみき りゅうのすけ)
  • Birthdate: May 19, 1993
  • Birthplace: FujimiSaitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Blood Type: B 


Voice Actor

Drama Series

TV Movies

Source: AsianWiki

Okay! Done with that.

There are a lot of things that I like about Kamiki. For me, his charm points are his mouth and eyes. I don't know why, but every time I watch his dramas or stare at his pictures, I usually focused on his mouth. It's just seems... uniquely attractive to me. 

However, I also love his actings. The first drama that I've watched with him among the casts was Bloody Monday 2. But in that time, I just think that he's kind of cute, but not yet stroke my heart. Because in that time I was only focused on Miura Haruma.

But then, a couple of years later, early this year, I watched Sakurai Sho's Kazoku Game. And there he was, Kamiki as Numata Shinichi. But still, at that time, I was not yet fell for him. But one thing; I thought that I've saw him somewhere, but I forgot. And in Kazoku Game, I didn't think of him as cute anymore, but I thought of him as kakkoii (handsome). And starting there, I searched info's of him. 

But in that time, I just fell for him lightly. Not yet as my dream prince.

A couple of months ago, I watched Tantei Gakuen Q. The reasons? I just watched it randomly, but I chose that drama to be in my list because of Shida Mirai, Kamiki himself, Yamada Ryosuke and Kaname Jun were among the main casts. But basically I chose it because I really love detectives dramas. I really love puzzles.

But, I never thought that Tantei Gakuen Q would change my feelings towards Kamiki!

Starting with the first episode, I shouted "kawaii" right after Kamiki came out, which is exactly at the beginning of the drama. He's just so cute! ><  Yamada too.

Of course that was my reaction, because in Tantei Gakuen Q, Kamiki looked purely innocent. With his bright smile and cheerful tone of voice, he looks totally different than I had ever saw. He's too cute 'till I thought that if he was in front of me, I might probably kissed his cheeks or pinched them. I would also might hugged him until he is choked!

So, that's the beginning of my fangirling towards Kamiki until today. Because of him, I chose 11 Nin mo Iru into my list without much thinking.

I finished 11 Nin mo Iru and end up the final episode with my heart feeling happy+sad, because I was actually happy for the happy ending and the ghost mother was still living among the family, but sad because of jealousy and  thinking how young Kamiki was, being a father at the age of 18. Starting with the episode 2 or 3, I often shouted "Kamiki wa kawatta! Kamiki has changed!" again and again, every time he did THAT with Suzuki Soara, or thinking about it, or whenever he was thinking about his future baby inside Soara.

I was like, "Urgh!!! I can't take this! I can't take this!" like a mad person. I was also like that when he lastly married Soara and when Soara told him she was pregnant again a few months after their marriage. He reacted with happy looks, but I don't know why, I just can't seem to take it. His face was too cute to be a father, even though a young one.

Unlike Miura Haruma, when he made Shida Mirai pregnant in 14-sai no Haha, I also can't take it a little bit. But when he made Aragaki Yui pregnant in Koizora the movie, I already can take it, because he already got that mature looks.

But Kamiki is a totally different story. Even though he already got that handsome looks in Kazoku Game, but if he made someone pregnant in that drama, I still think that I won't be able to take it. His face is not fit to be someone's father, not even someone's husband or fiancee!

However, when I stopped thinking about that, I remembered him in Bloody Monday 2. I think he looks cool in evil characters. I actually love it.

And then I decided to re-watch Bloody Monday 2. And I did it, and stopped right after his character was being brought away by police. I just kept thinking and thinking about it, until I found out about his character in Keizoku 2: SPEC, Ninomae Juichi.

I became interested in this drama because of his character, Toda Erika, Shirota Yuu and through SPEC's casts as the guests in All Star Thanksgiving Festival 2010. Through that special show, I found out something about Kamiki; he really like to do 'peace' hands. And along that show, I often shouted "kawaiiiii!!!" at Kamiki's happy+excited+surprised face! He's just too cute! >< Kyaaa~~~

And here I am right now, writing while watching Keizoku 2: SPEC. I just love Kamiki's evil version and his cute face~~~ <3

Ah, I forgot to mention something. In Kamiki's earliest appearance in Bloody Monday 2, it only showed Kamiki's mouth. Normal people would usually thinking, "who's that" or something like that. But I, with him as now my dream prince (ceh), already recognized that mouth as his mouth. Didn't I mentioned to you? For me, his charm points are his mouth and his eyes. And I usually focused on his mouth whenever I watched his dramas or stared at his pictures. ^_^

Kamiki in Bloody Monday 2, as the terrorists' hacker; Hornet.

Kamiki as the boy with the SPEC that can stop the time (which is actually not stopping it, but make it too slow like it was stopped) in Keizoku 2: SPEC, Ninomae Juichi or actually Toma Saya's lost brother; Toma Youta.

Kamiki as the responsible eldest brother and sibling of a poor family in 11 Nin mo Iru, Sanada Kazuo.

This is one of the scenes in 11 Nin mo Iru that made me shouted "Kamiki wa kawatta!" again and again.

And this is Kamiki as one of the members of Detective Academy's Class Q, Kyuu.
This is the starter of my fangirling towards him!

And now, this is the omiage for you. See you next time! Matta ne~~~


  1. Sugoii ne,~ i m form malaysia and i really j-pop and j-drama :) and i reallly-ii daisuki kamiki chan !! <3

    1. Thank you, I'm a Malaysian too, and it seems like we're the same~ <3